Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

Ages 18 months to 3 years

Christmas Time is fast approaching! Holiday Gift Guides can be a really helpful way to gather some ideas together. Sometimes things come up you would have never considered before! Because I have a Toddler, I wanted to put together a Toddler Holiday Gift Guide to help anyone who has a Toddler on their shopping list this year. 

I don’t know about you, but I am one of those people who doesn’t think of gift shopping until November. I know some people who complete their Christmas Lists before summer is even over! How? I decided to be a bit more on the ball this year, and try to get my shopping done a little earlier. With two tiny girls in tow, I want to do as much as I can online. Hopefully snagging things as they come on sale.

I have included gifts of various sizes and price ranges. Additionally, at the end I have listed a few stocking stuffer ideas!

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Toddler Gift Guide Ideas

1.) Mega Bloks by Fisher Price

Mega Bloks are great for Toddlers! I got my daughter some last Christmas. Perfectly sized for tiny hands! She was 14 months at the time. Starter packs are great for kids who don’t have any yet! This gives them many pieces in different sizes and colors so they can start with some creative assembly! Then adding a little bonus pack, such as these matching animal pieces are a great addition. As you can still use the ‘unique’ sets along with the regular bloks. Personally I do find Mega Bloks easier for younger kids to click together than Duplo.



2.) Duplo by LEGO

Duplo is essentially the same as Mega Bloks. Just manufactured by LEGO instead of Fisher Price. They also have great options when it comes to fun, custom sets. Such as this really cute set that allows them to build a truck and excavator. It is listed as being for ages 2-5. BUT, I do think with help and supervision (with the little pieces) it is still a great option for a kid a few months younger than 2.


3.) Little People by Fisher Price

My daughter received several Little People toys last Christmas. It was GREAT! I love them. They are all compatible with one another, attach to create “Little people towns” and are just really cute little toys. They have large pieces and allow for a lot of imagination. Quite a few also have sound effects. They have been a hit around here. We received a Farm, and this Swing and Share Treehouse.



4.) Count and Match Egg Set

I honestly can’t believe these are still around! I distinctly remember playing with this exact toy in Kindergarten! It was fun, and so educational.


5.) Melissa & Doug Wooden Food Groups

Melissa and Doug toys are great. They are wonderful quality, and wooden so they last a long time! I have several Melissa and Doug toys in our home, and love them all. I think kids need to have wooden toys! They are so much more durable! Also slightly Nostalgic for the giver’s of the gifts…right! Melissa and Doug toys are always created with development, and education in mind! So don’t be surprised if you find more Melissa and Doug toys below!

6.) Melissa and Doug Primary Lacing Beads

This toy is designed for ages 3 and up. So still a great one to include in a Toddler Gift Guide, because it is still suitable for our younger Tots with some supervision. Once again with those small parts and younger kids you never know! This toy is great for fine motor skills as well as a way to express creativity and even practice patterns or matching. Another high quality wooden product.


7.) Classic Infant Trio by Fisher Price

I love this one, because although it has gifts for younger babies. It is perfect for families who may expand in the future! The toddler ages 18 months plus will still love playing with these toys. Especially the noisy ones! While allowing it to be enjoyed by possible future younger siblings. Also, it is a classic! That in itself makes it a great gift!

8.) DIY Tool Belt by Fisher Price

How cute is this toolbelt. Perfect for any little handy person in your life! I just might have to get this for my daughter, she LOVES taking my screwdriver and ‘helping’ me when I’m putting together IKEA furniture. Handy if she had her own Tools! The Doughnut….SO awesome.

9.) Sweet Manners Tea Set by Fisher Price

Who doesn’t love a tea party!? This great toy features adjustable learning stages to grow with your toddler. Simply flip the switch on the teapot through each of the 4 levels to increase the learning level.


10: Drop & Go Dump Truck by Vtech

Suitable for ages 6 months to 36 months (3 years). Teaching kids colors, numbers and fine motor skills while also encouraging their imaginations.

11.) Spin and Swipe Cash Register by Melissa and Doug

When I was a kid, I was OBSESSED with cash registers. And yes, I DID end up working as a Cashier at a grocery story in my teens. How cute is this adorable little wooden register. Closely reminding me of the Fisher Price Classic Toy Register I had as a kid!


12.) Cash Register by Fisher Price

A more techy version. Ages 3+. Suitable with supervision for younger kids (small parts)


13.) Wooden Beauty Salon by Melissa and Doug

I have gifted these to several of my neices for their second birthdays. They have LOVED them. I think it is so cute they can get all ‘dolled up’ like mommy, in a safe way. These beauty tools and makeup are all wooden. I am a firm believer that kids should not have ‘play makeup’ from the dollar store or other similar places. Some of the ingredients can be SO dangerous, and kids have actually gotten hurt before. A pretend, wooden set is a great alternative as well as durable and not messy!

14.) Louise Toy Baby by Corelle

These babies are absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a high quality, soft baby for the little one in your life these are the ones to get. They have a wonderful vanilla scent and open/close eyes. As well as a open mouth for pretend bottle feeding.

15.) Deluxe Pounding Bench with Mallet by Melissa & Doug

A classic hammer and peg toy with a twist. These pegs have painted smiley faces, that alternate playing peek-a-boo as their opposite peg is pounded down.

16.) Medical Pretend Kit by Fisher Price

Toddlers love playing Doctor and fixing ‘owies’ on others. This cute little kit is super affordable and will allow for imaginative play.

17.) Paw Patrol Lookout Tower

I don’t know a single kid, who doesn’t love Paw Patrol! My Toddler loves the show, and would absolutely love this lookout tower. It is large! 2.5′ tall, so it is perfect for your toddler to feel like they are helping the Paw Patrol keep an eye out for trouble brewing.

18.) Paw Patrol Chase’s Transforming Police Cruiser

Alternatively, there are many options for getting a single Paw Patrol Puppy and their respective vehicle. This vehicle transforms just like on the show!

19.) Sit to Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train by Vtech

This toy would be great for the younger Toddlers who are still learning how to walk and enjoy ride on toys. The child can play with the toy on the floor, then learn how to walk with it, then continue to use it as an educational toy for years following.

20.) Wooden Activity Cube

This wooden cube has 5 sides of learning for kids that can sit, crawl, or stand. We own a very similar version of this cube and love it! Wooden toys are great and durable and can last throughout many kids. This is the farm version, like what I own.


Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I wanted to include a few stocking stuffer Ideas for those who need it. These are smaller, cheaper items perfect for stuffing in a stocking!

1.) Water Wow by Melissa and Doug

This unique coloring book comes with a water ‘paint’ pen that the children can use to color images on reusable coloring boards. We own several of these books and love them. The pen’s are not unique to the book they came with, so your able to mix and match if you happen to loose a pen. I love that it does not make a mess, is travel (car, airplane etc) friendly, and is created by a toy brand I love and trust. This is more ideally suited to the older Toddlers. The coloring boards are not limited to the three here. There are MANY options and themes to choose from

2.) Color Wonder by Crayola

This is another coloring type Stocking Stuffer that we own and love. Once again, no mess! It doesn’t matter if they accidently color on your furniture. These markers only work on the special Color Wonder books and paper. These are NOT reusable, unlike the Water Wow. But you do get more pages per coloring book. Once again, there are TONS of different coloring book picture options to choose from. You can also get extra markers! Very handy. Once again, more older toddler suited. My daughter began to really truly like these books around her second birthday.


3.) Corelle Pacifier for Corelle Baby Dolls

If you plan to give your little one a Corelle Doll, putting some little accessories into the stocking is a really great touch. These pacifiers are made by Corelle, so you know they will fit the doll perfectly!



4.) Wooden Animal Magnets by Melissa and Doug

Melissa and Doug is a favorite kid toy brand of mine, in case I haven’t made that apparent! They make good quality toys, all from an education first standpoint. These Wooden Magnet Animals are great to help Toddlers learn their animals, and animal sounds. There are also farm animal, and princess magnet options. Don’t want them playing with these magnets on your kitchen appliances? NO problem! Just give them a metal cookie sheet, and show them how to stick the magnets to the cookie sheet. That way they can still play with the toy supervised while your making dinner or in the kitchen, without having to worry about scratching up appliances.



5.) Ty Beanie Boo’s (Beanie babies)

Yes, these little plush Ty animals are still a big hit with kids everywhere. My daughter has managed to accumulate a couple already, and absolutely loves them. Must be their large welcoming eyes! Every creature imaginable can be collected. Even ‘famous’ creatures from TV shows can be found. Here are some of my favorites. I could not resist the Cow, I mean how cute is she!




That concludes the Toddler Holiday Gift Guide

 20+ Gift Ideas for Toddler Boys and Girl ages 18 months to 3 years. I included toys that grow with the child, as well as some popular toys, wooden toys and educational toys.

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas, and will be able to find something great for your next Holiday, or Birthday event this coming Christmas Season. 

Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

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