One of the finer arts of becoming a parent is baby sleep. Those first few nights in the hospital, sleep just isn’t possible. Between the noise, checks from nurses and the crazy bright lights. 

But once you get home with your precious peanut, you can start to establish some healthy sleep routines right from the get go! 

You can help baby start to learn the difference between night and day by starting off on the right foot, with the best nightlight for feeding baby at night.

By keeping the nursery lighting dim, you will help encourage babies to develop natural circadian rhythms which in turn encourages good sleep habits as baby continues to grow!

Best nightlight for feeding baby (25)

Regardless of if you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, the best nightlight for feeding your baby at night is going to have a few key features

– Be simple to use

– Have a rechargeable battery

– variable brightness levels, with a warm light option for when you are settling baby back to sleep

– Be as safe as possible for being around your kids – so things like no glass, concealed bulbs, durable materials

So what then is the best option?

In my opinion; as a mom of three, it is the VAVA baby night light (link). I got the VAVA nightlight for myself after my second daughter was born, and my only regret was not having it for my first! 

I used this as my bedside lamp when my babies where sleeping in a bassinet in my room. Then because it was also a portable nightlight, I would continue to use it for nighttime feedings once the girls were sleeping in their nursery as well.

I would just turn on the dim glow of nightlight mode when I heard them waking up, then crawl out of bed and carry it with me into their rooms. My husband RARELY even noticed I was gone (typical right haha). 

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The VAVA night light is actually considered a portable night light or LED lamp. 

It doubles as a decorative item, thanks to its really minimalist, modern design that can easily fit into anyone’s style.

Main Features related to LIGHT

– Very large illumination area with adjustable brightness options

– A soft tap on the top of the touch-sensitive controls activates the perfect yellow light warm glow of nightlight mode, which can illuminate an entire room, but softly enough to keep baby sleepy.

– 3 watt LED bulb

– Various levels of brightness with a cool and warm lighting option

– A special 30% brighter lighting feature for outdoor use, activated by disabling the touch sensitive mode using the power button on the bottom of the light

– Anti-blue light LED is a special feature of this LED bulb that means it does not flicker or emit blue light that can wake the brain up (think same concept as blue light blocking glasses)

– SOS mode can be activated while camping by pressing the power button on the bottom of the light 4 times

– 1 hour timer mode activated by touch control feature on the logo of the lamp. Tap twice and it turns the timer on. Making it the perfect light for toddler that is needling a nightlight just for those first few minutes of bedtime.  

Main Features related to USE/BATTERY

  • Comes with a nice flat charging base that plugs into the included Micro USB cable. Then plug the cable into your power outlet.
  • You can still charge the VAVA without the charging base, by plugging the micro USB directly into the bottom of the lamp itself while travelling
  • Safe for indoor or outdoor use thanks to it’s waterproof design
  • Very long-lasting battery life. I rarely have to charge it, as it advertises 200 hours on dim settings, and 6 hours on the brightest setting
  • Built in silicone handle and ability to attach to included metal carabiner style clip to clip onto belt loop or carry around outside
  • Nightlight mode
  • Most importantly, it is a baby-safe night light. It is rounded, very durable and no glass!
  • My daughter has dropped it a few times, with no harm coming to it.

Main difference between models

I have never seen the other model in person, but this is a quick breakdown of the differences between them

VA-CL006 (model I own)

– white light and soft light

– Constructed of durable ABS and PC

– 3 Watt bulb

Check out this fun blue base version!


– 1.5 Watt bulb

– Slightly different shape with a larger illumination area

– variable light color options. Warm white and multi-colour

– 100 hour battery charge on lowest light setting

– USB charge directly on the lamp itself, no charging base

– Also has automatic timer shutoff after one hour if activated

Summary of the VAVA baby night light

In conclusion, the features that make the VAVA baby night light the best nightlight for feeding baby at night is…

– Simple and easy to use. It does not feature extra settings as a white noise sound machine or soothing sounds like some other popular nursing lighting options

– This bedside night light can also be great as a toddler night light because it is made of safe materials that can withstand some wear and tear. 

– It is a cordless design thanks to it’s built-in rechargeable battery, making it the perfect portable nightlight. 

– built in one-hour timer features mean you can leave the light on for an hour until your kid falls asleep (if they are a toddler for example), making this light for baby also suitable as a comforting nightlight for your toddler 

– great battery capacity meaning you can go a long time between charges!

Story time: Follow along with me, if you will… It’s 3 am, your two month old baby is waking up in the nursery down the hall. You don’t want to wake up your partner so you fumble to grab your cell phone from the charger and press the home button to get the screen to wake up. You walk down the hall using your cell phone screen as a nightlight.

The screen of course turns off right as your about to open the door because ‘x’ amount of seconds has passed and it is now entering “sleep mode” again. You turn on the screen again once you are inside the room, stumbling to find the nightlight in the nursery. Then proceed to soothe and feed the crying little baby. But there is an easier way!

Same story, BETTER nightlight…

Enter the VAVA! Baby is crying so you reach over towards your nightstand, and your hand lands on the rounded smooth top of the VAVA nightlight. By touching it for half a second, it has already activated it into “nightlight” mode. This is a super dim amount of light, perfect to illuminate your sleepy journey out of your bed.

Because there are no cords, you simply pick it up and start to walk into the baby’s nursery. You place it down on the dresser and turn it brighter if you wish, by once again simply touching the top of the nightlight again for 1 second. Keep holding until its bright enough!

Now you can feed baby, get them back into bed and re-activate nightlight mode with a simple holding down motion on top of the nightlight. Walk back into your bedroom, double tap the top of the nightlight after it’s placed back beside your bed and just like that the lights are off and your back to dream land!

I know, I know, it’s a super cheesy story…

BUT, I think it does well to illustrate just HOW easy and functional this nightlight is. This was literally my journey with it for the first few months of my daughter’s life! I have since started leaving it in her room. With it’s own special spot on a shelf I can easily locate it in the dark and activate the nightlight mode.

Some common question you may have about why you even need to think of what the Best nightlight for feeding baby is?

I am not an expert on baby sleep, don’t get me wrong. But I do have experience with baby sleep as a mom of 3 kids (and all this info is fresh in my mind because my oldest is only 3.5 LOL!). Also I do pull some of this knowledge from my nursing education as well, where we of course had to learn a lot about human physiology!

1. Do babies need a nightlight?

  • No they do not need a nightlight on in their rooms all night. A nightlight is fine to be used in the middle of the night to illuminate feeding and diaper changes.
  • But it should be turned off again so the child can enter back into a restful sleep.

2. Should newborn babies sleep in the dark?

  • Yes they absolutely should! More on it below, but you want to establish healthy sleep associations. One of those being that darkness means it is bedtime, time to sleep for a longer stretch of time. 
  • Babies don’t actually start producing their own melatonin (a sleep hormone) immediately after birth.
  • But if you establish that dark = sleep off the get go, this will help them when they start to actually product these hormones a couple months after birth
  • This is why it is important to keep the room as dark as possible for nighttime feeds/diaper changes. You want them to be staying as sleepy as possible and not waking fully.
  • This will make it easier to get them back to sleep also after the feed! Who wouldn’t want that hey!

3. Can a nightlight keep baby awake?

  • When they are a newborn, babies can sleep almost anywhere. They can fall asleep in bright lighting no problem at all. But the idea is that you are supposed to be creating healthy sleep habits right from birth.
  • You are trying to help baby adjust to the bright new world it has entered into. So if you ensure that you are creating those healthy sleep habits, it will be more likely baby will associate the proper cues with bedtime and nighttime.
  • By constantly allow your newborn baby to sleep in illuminated rooms, they will technically start to associate light with sleeping. BUT that is not ideal. As the child ages, their circadian rhythms will be affected by always sleeping with an illuminated room.
  • A Circadian Rhythm is the natural “clock” everyone’s bodies run off of. We cycle through this natural clock in a roughly 24 hour period.
  • Melatonin naturally starts being produced more as the day goes on. This is because Melatonin is an essential element to getting sleepy and having a restful sleep. When an environment is lighted at all, it signals the body to produce less Melatonin, because the body associates light with wakefulness.
  • You can see why this would be a problem as the baby turned into a toddler. We want them getting restful sleeps at night, because they sleep less during the day with fewer naps! Creating a proper dark sleep environment is made easier by having very dim but effective lighting for those middle of the night wake periods babies can have.

So with all these things in mind, it is ideal to have a nice subtle light to illuminate the middle of the night care you have to provide your baby. The darker it is, the sleepier they stay.

Now for real life evidence of this working (for my particular kiddos). My first daughter – I would let her nap anywhere she wanted to during the day. My second daughter – she always napped in the bassinet in my bedroom (in the dark) or in the dark in her crib. Because I had a 16 month old at the time, and letting the newborn nap in the living room was not feasible for anyone! 

I have now practiced these same ‘healthy sleep habits’ with my third daughter as well.

So as you can guess, the sleep habits of child 2 and 3 are 100 times better than my first. My oldest is still to this day, a light sleeper. 

Summary of What You Need to Know about the VAVA baby night light.

I love the VAVA nightlight because it is so simple and easy to use. The beautiful rounded features make it easy to grab in your hands and carry from room to room late at night when you are up caring for your baby. The touch-activated feature is so handy when you are fumbling around in the dark trying to get the light on.

A simple touch on the top of the lamp activates a soft glowing nightlight that is the perfect amount of light to illuminate the late night feeding and diaper change without causing baby to wake up fully.

The battery life is phenomenal and will not need recharging often. Even when it does need a charge it is as simple as plugging the cord into a USB outlet.

Don’t worry about your older kids getting a hold of it, the durable material stands up well to accidental drops or bumps.Blends perfectly into any décor with soft rounded features.

That’s my review on what is; in my opinion, the BEST SIMPLE Nightlight for a Babies Nursery. You can get the exact same model pictured above by clicking below.

Till next time,

Baby Nursery dresser
My VAVA, in it’s happy little home on my IKEA shelf in the nursery
VAVA light in nightlight mode
The beautiful soft glow of the VAVA in ‘nightlight’ mode
VAVA nightlight
Blends perfectly into any décor with soft rounded features.

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Hey There!

I’m Amy, the mom behind the scenes. I’m glad you are here!

The Briar Patch is a place for Moms; to help them navigate the tangled messes of Motherhood. With inspiration and tips on cooking, home life, organization, hobbies, and all things mom and child related.

Thanks for stopping by,

Briar Patch: meaning

A Briar Patch is a dense, tangled patch of thorny flowering plants. Or in other words: the perfect analogy for Motherhood. Sometimes it seems like you will never make it out of the tangles and hurdles of it unscathed. But when you pause and look back on it. You see the beauty; the flowers, that were there all along.