Do you tend to have ‘extra’ bathroom supplies on hand so you never run out of your favourites and most used hygiene products? I am here with some Organization tips for extra bathroom supplies

Are you at a loss for HOW to best store these ‘extra’ items such as shampoo, razor blades, or personal care items? I can relate! It is hard because you want to keep these items out of sight until you need them. But when you do need them, you don’t want to search the ENTIRE bathroom to find one tiny thing…

I found the best way to corral these extra products is to have them organized by certain categories in ONE location. This allows for easy access to them, and also makes it easier to keep track of how much you actually have.

Organization Tips for Storage of Extra Toiletries in the bathroom

Organizational Tips for storing ‘extra/bulk’ bathroom supplies

  1. Pick your ideal location: this will depend on many factors and your personal home life situation. But in general
    1. Decide if you want them hidden away or on display
    2. Decide if you have room in the bathroom itself or if you need to relocate them to a nearby linen closet
  2. Choose the containers: Once you have a location in mind, you will then know how much space you have to work with and what type of bin/basket will work best.
  3. Categorize: Once you know how many of the desired containers you want fit in your space you can then CATEGORIZE. The easiest way to figure out your categories is to physically take the items you need to store, and put them VISUALLY together into groups that will best fit into the storage containers you chose.
  4. Fill and Label: The labels is actually the crucial part. It holds YOU and YOUR FAMILY accountable to ‘put that thing back where you found it or so help me’ (Monster’s Inc). That way, no matter WHO is in charge of putting away groceries, online orders etc. The organizational efforts you are doing to keep these ‘extra/bulk’ bathroom supplies in order will not be a waste of time.

WHERE to Store Extra Bathroom Hygiene Supplies

Organizational Tip #1 for storing extra bathroom supplies is the WHERE (pick the ideal location)

The best way to store these items will really depend on your bathroom layout, and the storage solutions already available in there. I wanted to list a couple ideas for you below to help get the ball rolling.

These ideas are things I would or have utilized myself for keeping extra bathroom supplies tidy and accessible. Of course these ideas are more focused on the WHERE to store these items, and not as heavily on the WHAT to store them in.

An above the toilet cabinet in the bathroom is the perfect space to store extra hygiene supplies in labelled storage bins.

IDEAS for storage locations in the bathroom

  • Under bathroom sink: If under your sink is the only place to keep these items, keep them in stackable labelled bins. Simply pull out the bin you needed, grab the shampoo etc, then stack them back up again.
    • An idea of a bin for this particular space would be the Kuggis line from IKEA. (I LOVE IKEA). These bins are really easy to stack.
    • The best part is: you can customize the size of each container you need based off how MANY of a particular HYGIENE item you have at any given time.
    • I would stack a couple smaller boxes for (Oral care and Makeup) on top of a larger box (for hair/body care)
  • Floating Shelf: Make a decorative statement that is functional by adding some cute labelled baskets to your shelf. Consider having a basket for each family member that uses that bathroom as you will not be able to have as many categories as listed above
  • Linen Closet: So this MAY or MAY NOT be inside your actual bathroom. Depending on your own home! BUT a linen closet can be a great place to keep these extra bathroom supplies neat and organized.
    • Once again stacking baskets are a great option as they don’t take up as much space AND you don’t need to be able to access the contents constantly. Open baskets take up more room and are better for items you need daily
  • In a self-standing cabinet or shelving unit. – If you don’t have any storage apart from your bathroom vanity, you might be able to squeeze some sort of cabinet or shelving unit in the bathroom somewhere. This keeps your vanity free for items your currently using. MY FAVOURITE IDEA FOR THIS IS BELOW, BUT in case you need something smaller consider these options
    • A self standing plastic rolling bin with drawers. You could slide this into a closet in the bathroom or hallway (pick vertical or horizontal configurations depending on the height of your floor to first shelf space)
    • A self standing rolling cart with non-enclosed drawers like the Raskog from IKEA. Once again to slide into any space between the floor and first shelf in a closet if you have one.

Example of the PERFECT self-standing bathroom cabinet for storage

In my opinion, the PERFECT self-standing bathroom storage cabinet is this; the Lillangen High Cabinet; once again from IKEA. I know, I need to broaden my horizons a bit, LOL.

IKEA Lillangen High Cabinet used in the bathroom for linen and toiletry storage.

If you also happen to be short on linen storage – use half this cabinet for linens and half for these extra bathroom supplies like I did.

Check it out here Linen Storage without a Linen Closet

WHAT to keep Extra Bathroom Supplies organized IN

Organizational Tip #2 for storing extra bathroom supplies is the WHAT (choosing your storage containers)

Here are some quick, simple bin/basket ideas to get your brain going!

Just remember to choose whatever makes YOU happy and works the best in YOUR space ๐Ÿ™‚

Super affordable options

  1. Dollarstore shoe boxes – this is great if you have some deep shelves in a closet to store your bathroom supplies in. Shoeboxes are deep, can be found really cheap and stack great! Because they are not very big, you would want to have MANY categories and MORE boxes. Toss on a label and your good to go
  2. Dollarstore bins: I have seen some great hacks/upcycles on cheap, open top, dollar store bins. People have painted them, added stencils to them etc. Use these if you prefer to store things upright (think tall bottles like hairspray, shampoo etc) and don’t mind only having one box per shelf in your closet

IKEA ideas

If you’re a fan like me, you might be wanting some IKEA inspiration. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Kuggis: stackable, different sizes that nest together. Beautifully white and timeless. Easy to add stick on labels too.
  2. Variera: this is the line I used. They DO NOT STACK, but come in TWO sizes. Perfect for SHALLOW shelving. They are around $5 a piece (in my neck of the woods anyways). So they aren’t the MOST affordable, but I ‘borrowed’ some from my kitchen to see how they fit in the cupboard. Since they were perfect I figured out how many I needed and went to town. Literally ๐Ÿ˜‰
    1. Personally – I am never one to shy away from shelling out more for something that is perfect for organizing my space, because I would rather spend the $ ONCE and be done with that space, than try MANY options over the years and never be fully satisfied with it.
  3. Rabbla: I haven’t used this line yet but I plan to sometime! They are designed for bathrooms, are super cute and come in different sizes. Because of the lids they can also be stacked. Space saving, and beautiful. Win Win.
  4. Samla: These would be great if you like to be able to SEE what is inside, as they are clear. Also stackable, and many size options. ONE little thing I have found with these boxes, the lids don’t actually ‘latch’.
Using the IKEA Variera Small Bins for storage of 'extra' toiletries in the bathroom.
You can see a detailed view of what I have stored in each of my IKEA Variera Bins in the cabinet above my master bathroom toilet.

Categories for Organizing Extra Bathroom Supplies

Organizational Tip #3 for storing extra bathroom supplies is the HOW

These are the categories I decided worked best for storing the extra bathroom supplies I keep in my master bathroom.

We have a cabinet above the toilet so it is perfect for easy access, and keeping it out of sight.

  • Hair Care: Extra Shampoo, conditioners, treatments, bobby pins, hair ties etc. Anything related to my hair care needs.
  • Oral Care: toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, mouth rinses for my husband and I
  • Cotton Pads: I usually buy a large amount of these at a time from Costco and they last forever
  • Wipes: Makeup removing wipes, or moist towelettes. Once again this is another item we buy from Costco, so we need to store extra’s somewhere.
  • Men’s Care: This is the bin I use to store my husband’s deodorant, disposable razors, face wash, razor heads etc. He doesn’t have much for ‘specialized’ products so, it’s no problem to store it all in one bin.
  • Makeup: My extra makeup goes in this one. I tend to have extra’s of my favourite products because I hate running out! So I need somewhere to keep them, away from the makeup I’m currently using.
  • Body Care: For extra body wash, lotions etc.
  • Face Care: I store all my extra face washes/products here. Once again, I really hate running out of my products and stock up when they are on sale. SO…I tend to have quite a few things kicking around and keep them all nicely corralled here.

You may find you have to add or subtract categories based on your family situation, but it is a good starting point.

Another point I wanted to make is this. I have SO many categories up there is because there was space for MANY SMALL BINS, rather than fewer large ones.

So take your storage area into account when coming up with your categories. Put some categories together if you need to use larger bins. Or break up the categories even further if you have even more little bins than I do.


Body Care + Hair Care

Facial Care + Makeup

Cotton Pads + Wipes and Towelettes

Body Care + Men’s Care

Hair Care + Makeup

and so on, and so forth ๐Ÿ™‚

SVG label cut file for Organizing Bathroom Supplies

Organizational Tip #4 for storing extra bathroom supplies is kinda like the WHY

Like WHY do all the work in the first place if it isn’t going to stay that way ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, if your interested in labelling some bins using the categories I did, you can download my free SVG file and cut some for yourself on your Cricut or other cutting device! ๐Ÿ™‚ Or make your own! ๐Ÿ™‚

Organized above toilet cabinet containing extra/bulk bathroom toiletries.
This is what my bathroom cabinet looked like before adding my labels. I love how finished off the labels make it look, and best of all it forces me to keep everything in the proper bins! As you can see by my other pictures in the post, the labels turned out great!

A little tip if you have never downloaded a free SVG before (like me a few days ago LOL) –> Make sure you have design space already open on your computer BEFORE clicking the link above. That way the file will open right away rather than directing you to log in and all that stuff first.

I also made a little free worksheet for you to help you get started on this project! Sometimes keeping track on paper can make it seem less overhwhelming and make it easier to remember where you left off if you get interrupted (Mom’s NEVER get interrupted right…), or for when you go shopping to help you remember your categories!!

I hope you find it super helpful!

In conclusion, the best organizational tips to keep your extra/bulk bathroom supplies looking neat are…

  • Choosing a good location to store them
  • Picking the perfect means of keeping similar items grouped together (bins/baskets/cabinets)
  • Categorizing the extra bathroom supplies depending on how many bins/baskets you have and how many of each item you typically keep on hand
  • Keeping all your hard work in order by labelling your bins/baskets so everyone knows where to find their extra bathroom supplies. AND puts everything away in the proper places as well.

Thanks so much for reading. As always, please feel free to share!

Till next time,

Organizational tips to keep your extra bathroom supplies neatly stored so they are easy to find when you need a refill.

Till next time,

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