Groceries. The most important portion of your monthly budget. Yes, there is a way to save money on your groceries! Food is crucial, regardless of how much it costs, so why not cut back on your budget where you can.

Are your grocery bills something that ‘EATS UP’ a larger portion of the budget than it needs to? Literally LOL.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it is! “We need to eat anyways, why bother trying to do it cheaper.” Right? I have thought that way about certain grocery items before too…

Convenience can be costly

As convenience is a motivating factor behind many of our more expensive grocery purchases. If it tastes REALLY good or makes our lives easier we will justify it! This is totally fine. However we CAN save a bit on this essential portion of our monthly budgets if we really want to.

There are countless tips out there of ways to cut back on your month to month grocery bill. Some tips are super obvious, others don’t apply to some people; depending on where you live etc.

Here are 3 super simple (possibly not super obvious) ways to save a bit of $ here and there in your budget. Implement these tips over the course of a year and that little bit will have added up alot!

Tip #1 to save money, and buy LESS groceries

I wanted to put this one first, Because there is a good chance many people don’t even think about how much this can add up over time. It is especially worth considering changing your ways if you have a large family or eat a lot of it on a regular basis.

Save money on your groceries by:

Stretching your Soup!

Buying canned soups or packaged soup powders to eat for lunch or easy dinners is fine and dandy! However if you find yourself (for the sake of feeding more people or wanting leftovers) using several cans at a time, or several packages at a time of powdered soup mixes then consider this.

Now I better explain myself a little bit better here. Your probably thinking this doesn’t even apply to you. Well hear me out. We like to eat a lot of soup for lunch. My husband is a farmer and comes in for lunch most days (especially in the winter months) Because I am celiac and GF bread is SO EXPENSIVE, we like to eat soup rather than sandwiches always (healthier too)

Quit buying canned soups, and start making your own from scratch!

So I have figured out how to save money without having to whip up a soup completely from scratch when 12:00 pm rolls up on me WAY too fast. I’ll use a single packaged soup mix. Then stretch it enough to feed myself, my husband and our toddler with lots leftover.

Use ONE SINGLE can or package and STRETCH IT by adding water and more ingredients. I show you an example of exactly how I do this in my Packaged Potato Soup Recipe. In which I take a bag of powdered potato soup mix and easily double it (without using double the packages) so I can feed it to my family for lunch, have lots of leftovers and save money by doing so.

The premise of this tip can be summarized like this

  • It is SO easy to do this. After you have done it once it will just come naturally to you
  • You will save money.
  • For example: 1 can of Campbells Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup can run around $1.50-$3.00 for the equivalent of 2 cups. Instead of cracking open 2 cans of it to feed your family of 4 (without the possibility of having leftovers) consider adding extra broth and vegetables to maintain the flavor but stretch it more! You will be able to all fill up on the soup and still have some leftover

Once again, this is my recipe example here of how I do this

Tip #2 to save money on groceries every week

Save money on your groceries by:

Snacking Smarter

Snacks. AHH. The nemesis of most parents I know. You need them, you want them to be convenient and easy. Oh and also healthy and relatively not messy…

How do you win? Is it possible to still have easy snack foods in the house without loosing a fortune over it. I mean really the last thing you want when your kid gets home late from sports practice is to spend forever putting together snacks for their lunch.

Packing your lunch instead of buying lunches can save you a lot of money. Save even more, by packaging your own bulk snacks into smaller individual portions for taking in your lunch.

Enter the convenience snacks…AKA pre-packaged snack foods. The ones that are a single serving you can just grab and toss into the lunch. Think goldfish crackers, chips, trail mix, dried fruits (not necessarily unhealthy things)

Regardless of the TYPE of PRE-PACKAGED snack: This is another grocery budget killer. The best way to save a bit of extra money on your groceries are watching the snacks!

So do this instead…

Buy snacks in bulk and package them yourself to keep the convenience but ditch the cost. I go into detail about exactly how to do this in my post on Budget Friendly Snacking

This doesn’t just apply to school aged kids! I have a toddler a 10 month old, and I still use this to help keep MY own snacking and my toddler’s snacking in check (waist and wallet wise lol).

Tip #3 to save money on your grocery budget

Save money on your groceries by:

ALWAYS having ONE home cooked meal in the freezer

Having a home cooked meal in the freezer makes you less likely to want to

  1. Buy Takeout or
  2. Buy a pre-made frozen meal at the grocery store

Having SEVERAl of these meals in the freezer at all times. Now that’s the real #momlife goal Haha! Isn’t it! The nights we have leftovers, or a frozen meal in the oven and I know I get to play with the kids for a bit longer, or snuggle up and watch a few minutes of cartoons with them is…SO AMAZING.

So although it may not seem THAT expensive to buy one of those pre-made frozen meals; I can guarantee you will spend a lot of unnecessary money in a year if you make a habit of that.

It’s totally FINE and understanable to have those days when you don’t want to cook. Whether you have had a hard day at work, or you were at home with the kids but NOTHING went as planned. I get it…we all have those days. Being able to just say ‘you know what I am not cooking tonight and I don’t feel badly because it won’t cost extra money to do so” is such a relief.

So go ahead, treat yourself to some freezer meals! You deserve it momma! (You have to make them yourself at some point before hand, but ya know 😉 treat yo self lol)

Here is how I do it: I try to make a point of cooking double batches of most our favourite casseroles so I can freeze one for another night when I have less ambition…

Tell yourself…

It is easier to make a bigger mess once and then be able to treat myself with no mess a different night

Well that was a fun little visual element…

Cottage pie in green baking dish

Not my picture #iwish (still working on my picture skills lol) But legitimately Shepard’s Pie is one of my FAV’s to make extra of and toss into the freezer. It freezes so well and is always so yummy. I left the picture of this one nice and big…so delicious looking. Why yes I am going to make Shepards Pie for dinner. How did you know?

Well there we go; after much expansion on these tips that probably wasn’t needed.

We now have 3 Tips you can start implementing TODAY to save a few bucks here and there on your grocery budget.

Let me know if you have any other super stellar tips for saving money on your groceries. I would love to hear it!

Please also let me know if you give these tips a try!

Till next time,

3 practical, simple tips anyone can implement to help save money on your grocery budget NOW!

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