Looking for a pretty way to display and organize your Cricut Tools? I am sharing a little tutorial for a DIY Cricut Tool Organizer I made to hang above the craft desk in my office!

Project Overview for Cricut Tool Organizer

You may be wondering if this project is for you…as it may look more complicated than it is! I can assure you this little DIY project is affordable, easy and quick!

I am not a serious Cricut crafter by any means, but I still wanted to find a way to keep my tools handy, up away from my toddler’s reach, and displayed nicely in my new office! We just moved a few months ago and now that I have an office on my main floor; my Cricut gets more attention than it did in the basement of my old house.

I had some things lying around and got inspired to put them together into this DIY Cricut Tool Organizer rather than buying the materials to make those popular Peg Board Tool Hangers I have seen around Pinterest.


The frame I used before this project, and my very empty boring craft desk 😉

Cricut maker on IKEA desk with old picture frame before up cycling the frame into a DIY Cricut Tool Holder

My crafting desk AFTER

Much better! I am so happy with how this little project turned out. We are still in the process of sorting out our office and unpacking it. So my desk might have to move in the near future. Because of this I decided not to hang my Cricut Tool Organizer yet, and just leave it set on top of my IKEA desk for now. In case your interested, the desk is the MICKE desk 🙂

What Cricut Tools is this DIY Organizer designed for?

I designed this Organizer to hold my Cricut Craft Tools as that is all I own currently. Pictured on the board are the tools from the…

It is NOT designed to hold

  • Blades
  • Mat’s
  • Precision Cutting Knife
  • Cutting Ruler
  • Scraper

Materials needed for this DIY project

Hopefully you will have most of these materials on hand so this project is as affordable as possible! You will need…

  • An old picture frame: color doesn’t matter! I used a frame that was meant to hold 10 (4×6) pictures. So it is roughly 13″ by 22″ inside the frame.
  • Spray paint! I used some Rustoleum Metallic Paint & Primer in One in the color Champagne Mist
  • Decorative paper or wallpaper in the print/color of your choice! I used some leftover Magnolia Home Pre-pasted Wallpaper by Joanna Gaines in the pattern Olive Branch Green. I had this wallpaper leftover from my Pantry Makeover Project (Tutorial coming soon!!!!)
  • Glue – I used some general all purpose craft glue that dries clear (pictured below). I am sure I could have also used some Modge Podge!
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife
  • Small Clear Command Hooks in the 0.5lb weight (17505CLR-DBEF) : I tried SEVERAL different types of hooks before I found the perfect sized ones for holding the Cricut Tools. Take my failures $$ and learn from them by just getting this size the first time! LOL.

I will note, I CANNOT NICELY hang my Cricut XL Scraper on these hooks. For some reason it does not hang flat (vertically) against the frame, and sticks out. That’s all! Now let’s get to the instructions.

Clear gel tacky glue used to glue the wallpaper onto the back of the picture frame for this DIY Cricut Tool Hanger project.

How to make a Cricut Tool Organizer Frame

  1. Take your picture frame – remove all the glass and picture mats from it. Keep the back of the picture frame.
  2. If the frame has a smooth surface I recommend scuffing it up a bit with some sandpaper for better paint adherence
  3. Spray paint frame in desired color/colors
  4. Let frame dry well
  5. While frame dries you can start to assemble the ‘backdrop’. Glue down your paper or wallpaper onto the picture frame backing. This part took me some time because I was working with two pieces trying to make the patterns match up in the direction I wanted them. For a generic pattern this part would go really quick!
Using leftover pieces of Magnolia Home Olive Branch wallpaper by Joanna Gaines for a backdrop in this DIY Cricut Tool Organizer Frame project
I had to patch my two pieces of wallpaper together because I did not have a large enough piece leftover
  1. You can now re-assemble the picture frame. You can add the glass back in IF YOU WANT.
    • I did not, as I did not want the glare from the glass distracting from my pretty wallpaper behind it. A benefit to keeping the glass with this project is you would then be able to re-adjust the command hooks to your liking or as your Tool Holder needs changed.
    • I did not think about the benefits of being able to re-adjust the hooks at a later time until just now as I am writing this ;P
  2. Lay out your tools on the frame surface to figure out their heights. As well as to help you decide how many hooks you want in a row etc. Attach the hooks one at a time, trying to keep them as level and even as possible. I did a terrible job of this and wish I would have measured better.

And just like that you are done! Add your tools onto the frame and hang on the wall or set up on your desk.

See I told you it was easy to make this DIY Cricut Tool Organizer!

How much does this DIY project cost?

For myself, counting only the materials I actually used it costed roughly

  • Hooks (12) x $1.25 per package of 2 @ Dollar Tree = $7.50
  • Paint – had
  • Frame – had
  • Wallpaper – had
  • Glue – had

So it cost less than $10 for me to make this DIY Cricut Tool Holder Frame. Totally worth it in my opinion! The AFTER of the frame and wallpaper before adding the hooks.

Old picture frame up cycled into a DIY Cricut Tool Holder using simple materials from around the house.
Process Video


It is really easy for you to take some materials you have at home and make your own version of this DIY Tool Organizer Frame. Customize it to your liking with paint colors, # of hooks for your tools, and backdrops! It should be quick to do, super affordable and fun! If you have any questions at all please let me know in the comments below 🙂

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial and can now update your own picture frame into a Tool Organizer Frame for your Cricut!

Till next time,

Looking for a cute way to organize and display your Cricut Tools? This simple, cheap tutorial will help you make a beautiful Cricut Tools Organizing Frame for your craft room using easy to find materials.

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