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The Briar Patch is a place for Moms; to help them navigate the tangled messes of Motherhood. With inspiration and tips on cooking, home life, organization, hobbies, and all things mom and child related.

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Briar Patch: meaning

A Briar Patch is a dense, tangled patch of thorny flowering plants. Or in other words: the perfect analogy for Motherhood. Sometimes it seems like you will never make it out of the tangles and hurdles of it unscathed. But when you pause and look back on it. You see the beauty; the flowers, that were there all along.

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DIY Organizer Frame for Cricut Tools

DIY Cricut Tool Organizer

Looking for a pretty way to display and organize your Cricut Tools? I am sharing a little tutorial for a DIY Cricut Tool Organizer I made to hang above the craft desk in my office! Project Overview for Cricut Tool Organizer You may be wondering if this project is for...
Organization Tips for Storage of Extra Toiletries in the bathroom

Organization tips for ‘Extra’ Bathroom Supplies

Do you tend to have 'extra' bathroom supplies on hand so you never run out of your favourites and most used hygiene products? I am here with some Organization tips for extra bathroom supplies Are you at a loss for HOW to best store these 'extra' items such as shampoo,...
Creamy, delicious potato soup recipe

Creamy Potato Soup

Is there anything better than a nice hot bowl of Creamy Potato Soup? Not much...especially in the winter. This Potato Soup recipe is a little different than most you will come across. Reason being: I actually use one package of dry potato soup mix then 'Stretch' it to...
Pulled chicken and vegetable loaded rice casserole

Pulled Chicken and Veggie Loaded Rice Casserole

Comfort food season....the best time in my opinion. We love all things casserole, warm, cozy and cheesy dishes. Enter Pulled Chicken and Veggie Loaded Rice Casserole. It's a mouthful I know, but a delicious one. This recipe is a spin off of the classic...
Tips to help you 'stretch' your store bought soups to save you money.

Budget Friendly Soup Cooking Tip

What if I told you there is a way to eat lots of prepared Soup in a Budget Friendly way. Yes, you can enjoy the convenience of store bought soups; and plenty of it, without the cost! My husband and I really love to have soup for lunch. He is a farmer and is able to...
Tips to help you save money on your monthly grocery budget. Simple tips

Save Money on Groceries! 3 Simple Tips

Groceries. The most important portion of your monthly budget. Yes, there is a way to save money on your groceries! Food is crucial, regardless of how much it costs, so why not cut back on your budget where you can. Are your grocery bills something that 'EATS UP' a...

IKEA DUKTIG Play Kitchen Makeover Tutorial

Chances are you have stumbled across a play kitchen makeover on Pinterest or Instagram featuring the ever popular DUKTIG set from IKEA. The IKEA Duktig play kitchen is such a cute little kitchen, even right out of the box. The best part about it is just how...
How to DIY a painted Brick Fireplace

DIY Painted Exterior Brick Chimney

To Paint your exterior brick chimney or not to? It is a really good question. One you may have asked yourself if you have a older home featuring that classic red brick. This DIY exterior fireplace painting project is affordable, easy, and doesn't take very much time....
Linen storage solutions without a linen closet

Linen Storage without a Linen Closet

How do you store Linens when you do not have a Linen Closet? If you have found this, chances are you are looking for inspiration for Linen Storage without a separate Linen Closet. Towels, sheets, pillow-cases, and other bedding may be among the various linens you are...

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